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Here at Taberna del Zurdo, we want you to feel at home. In order to make the most of your two-hour table reservation, we include a 15-minute courtesy window for you to arrive from your original reservation time. The duration of your reservation depends on reservations made by other customers. If you would like more time to enjoy your meal, feel free to call us at 985963096.
We would like to remind you that your reservation is subject to our cancellation policy. Cancellations that violate our policy will result in a charge to your card of 25 euros per person.


You must cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the day of your reservation or, if your reservation includes a group or a set meal, 72 hours before.


In compliance with the provisions set forth in REGULATION (EU) 2016/679, OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, of April 27, 2016 (hereinafter “GDPR”) and Organic Law on Personal Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPDGDD in Spanish), O.L. 3/2018, Cocimania SL, the data processor, informs the user that there is an automatic file for personal data and that processed personal data is stored there.

The entity responsible for processing your data is:
Identity: Cocimania S.L Tax Identification Card B33588245
Mailing Address: Calle Cervantes 27, bajo, 33004, OVIEDO, ASTURIAS, SPAIN
Telephone number: (+34) 985963096 Email address: info@latabernadelzurdo.com

The purpose of Cocimania SL of processing personal data are the following: to manage reservations, to contract the services offered on our website, to contact the user, and to answer their questions and requests.
To send newsletters and to keep the user informed about our offers and services, only if the user has given prior consent.
The webpage servers may automatically detect users’ IP addresses and the domain name used by the user. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to a computer when it connects to the Internet. All this information is recorded in a server activity file that allows the subsequent processing of the data to obtain statistics about the number of visits to the website, the order of visits and points of access, etc.

Registration of files and forms
Forms must be filled out in order for Cocimania SL to provide the services requested and to respond to questions made by the user. Not providing the personal data requested or not accepting this data protection policy makes it impossible for us to manage reservation requests and to answer user questions.
We inform you that the personal data we obtain when you register as a user will form part of the Registry of Processing Activities (RAT in Spanish), which is updated periodically in accordance with the GDPR.

How long will we keep your data?
Cocimania SL, as the data processor, commits to storing and managing the personal data and information collected via this webpage with confidentiality as long as the business relationship lasts and the interested party does not request its suppression or for a maximum time period of 5 years, starting when the business relationship established between the user and Cocimania SL ended. Nevertheless, the data processor may keep the data, duly blocked, to service potential administrative or jurisdictional responsibilities.
For processing specifically consented by the user, the data may be kept as long as the subject does not revoke the consent they granted or request the suppression of their data.

The legitimacy of processing your data is based on:
Contracting Cocimania SL’s services. Our terms and conditions are made available to users beforehand. To complete this contractual relationship, the interested party must provide their data. REGULATION (EU) 2016/679. Article 6.1 b). To perform a contract and/or business relationship.
Consent should be free, specific, informed and unambiguous after the user is informed of this Privacy Policy. If the user agrees, they can give consent via a statement or clear action, such as ticking the corresponding box. REGULATION (EU) 2016/679. Article 6.1 a). Consent
REGULATION (EU) 2016/679. Article 6.1 c). Compliance with different legal obligations

Accuracy and veracity of data provided
The user is solely responsible for providing true and correct data and exonerates Cocimania SL of any liability to this respect. Users guarantee and take responsibility for, in all cases, the accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided and commit to keeping their data up to date. The user accepts to provide complete and correct information in the contact form.
Cocimania SL is not responsible for the veracity of the information that is not produced by us or for those produced by another source and is not liable in any way for hypothetical loss that may arise from the use of said information.
Cocimania SL, is exonerated from liability for any loss or damage the user may suffer as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided.

Personal data of third parties and minors
As a general rule, we only process data provided by their subject. If you provide the data of third parties, you must previously inform them and seek their consent, otherwise Cocimania SL is exonerated from any liability for failure to comply with this requirement.
We do not process data for children under the age of 14. Therefore, do not provide your data if you are under the age of 14 or provide the data of a third party that is under that age. Cocimania SL is exonerated from any liability for noncompliance with this provision.

Transmission of data to third parties
The data collected are transmitted to the website hosting company in order to store and process the information (Third-party information processing provider with whom the corresponding processing contract has been signed or other similar guarantees).
The data will also be communicated in cases provided for by law and your personal data will be available to public administrations, judges and courts, to service possible liabilities arising from processing.

Exercise your rights
The user may, at any time, under the terms established in current legislation, exercise the rights of access, rectification or suppression of data, request that the processing be limited, oppose it, request data portability, and revoke consent. These rights are set forth in the aforementioned Regulation (EU). The user may exercise their rights by contacting Cocimania SL at our registered office, indicated above, or by sending an email to the following address: info@latabernadelzurdo.com
In order to exercise these rights, the user must prove his/her identity by providing his/her name and surname(s), a photocopy of their ID card or equivalent document proving his/her identity, information specifying their request, an address for notification purposes, and the date and signature of the requester.
The user also has the right to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (competent authority in this matter), especially when they have not been able to exercise their rights, by sending a letter to C/Jorge Juan, nº 6, 28001 – Madrid, Spain or via the website: https://www.agpd.es

Security Measures
Cocimania SL has adopted the levels personal data protection legally required, and seeks to install other means and additional technical measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data.
Cocimania SL is not liable for any damages or harm resulting from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone line malfunctions or disconnections in the operational functioning of electronic systems due to situations external to the company, from delays or blockages of the use of this electronic system due to deficiencies or saturated telephone lines or overloading on the data processing center Internet system, or other electronic systems, as well as any damage that may be caused by third parties via illegal interruptions outside the control of the co-responsible parties. Nevertheless, the user must be aware that Internet security measures are not inviolable.

Acceptance and Consent
The user declares to have been informed of the conditions on personal data protection, accepting and consenting to automated processing by Cocimania SL, in the manner and for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy. Certain services provided on the website may contain specific conditions with specific precautions in the subject of personal data protection.

Social Media
Cocimania SL informs the user that we have created profiles on social media in order to advertise our services. The user has a profile on one of these social networks, and after showing interest in the information posted, has decided to join the page created by Cocimania SL, on the aforementioned social network. The user can, at any time, access the privacy policy of the specific Social Network and configure their profile to guarantee confidentiality of their personal data.

What is this data used for? This data is only used to manage normal use of the Social Network, to respond to our users publicly or privately, depending the situation, or to share a message written by a user by means of the tools or functions of the Social Network.
What is the legal basis that legitimizes processing? The express consent of the user, given by accepting the privacy conditions of the Social Network in question and the connection with Cocimania SL, which the user has authorized or requested.
Consent can be withdrawn at any time through the mechanisms of the Social Network to undo their connection with Cocimania SL.

In general, Cocimania SL does not extract data from Social Network users or communicate data to third parties; however, simply using the tools or functions of the social network (such as tagging or sharing a message) implies that your data will be communicated to other users of the Social Network in question.
The user must be aware of the consequences of using Social Networks.
Cocimania SL, has the ability to access and process the user’s public information, specifically his or her username. These data are only used in the social network itself, and are not incorporated into a file.

With regard to user’s rights of access, rectification, suppression and opposition, which can be exercised before Cocimania SL, the following should be taken into account:
– Access: This is defined by the functionality of the Social Network and the ability to access information from user profiles.
– Rectification: This can only be performed in relation to information that is under the control of Cocimania SL, for example, removing comments posted on the page itself. Normally, this right must be exercised before the Social Network.
– Suppression and/or Opposition: As in the previous case, this can only be performed in relation to information that is under the control of Cocimania SL, for example, to remove the user’s connection to the profile.

Cocimania SL will carry out the following actions:
– Access public profile information. – Post, on the user’s profile, all the information already published on Cocimania SL’s page – Send personal and individual messages through the Social Network’s channels. Page updates that will appear on the user’s profile.
The user can always control their connections, delete content that is no longer of interest to them and restrict who they share their connections with. In order to do this, the user must go to their privacy settings.
Once the user has joined the Cocimania SL page, they can post comments, links, images or photos or any other type of multimedia content supported by the social network. In all cases, the user must be the holder of copyright and intellectual property or have the consent of the third party affected. Publishing texts, graphics, photos, videos, etc. that are harmful or contrary to moral conduct, ethics, good taste or decency and/or infringe, violate or break intellectual or industrial property rights, the right of personal portrayal or the law are expressly prohibited on our page. In these cases, Cocimania SL reserves the right to immediately remove the content and request the user be permanently blocked.
Cocimania SL cannot be held liable for the content that has been freely published by a user.
The user must be aware that their posts will be seen by other users, which is why the user is responsible for their own privacy. Images that may be posted on the page will not be stored in any file by Cocimania SL but they will remain on the Social Network. Cocimania SL reserves the right to carry out contests and promos and the user may participate through their profile. The rules for contests and promos will be posted on the Social Network and are always in compliance with the Law on Information Society Services and E-Commerce (LSSICE in Spanish) and with any other applicable regulation. The Social Network does not sponsor or manage our promos in any way, nor are they associated with them.
Cocimania SL will use the Social Network to post about our products and services. In any case, if we decide to process your contact information to carry out direct sales prospecting, we will always do so in compliance with legal regulations set forth in LOPDGDD and LSSI-CE.
Recommending that other users follow the Cocimania SL page so they can also enjoy promotions or follow our activity will not be considered advertising.